Since 1998 when our original company Best Systems Inc founded, we are developing software using machine learning method such as “Neural Network” especially for Chemical Engineering. Our historical software “MolWorks” has been distributed to over 10,000 users from all over the world. MolWorks can calculate property information such as Boiling Point of unknown molecule from its structure and also known data in a few seconds. We call it “Estimation” instead of “Simulation”. This is NOT a precise value, but researchers can feel where they should proceed further, like more precise simulation. More precise “Simulation” take longer time, hours, days or months. This method will help people to understand first feeling , so that they can avoid to waste their time.

We are now trying to use this technology to health management. Historically, people knows glucose changes color of blood. Dark color indicates high glucose and bright color does opposite. We thought that we could detect such color change with using phone’s camera to take image of people’s finger-tip. We have been repeating experiments and finally we are releasing first version of the software for iPhone. Since each model of Phone has different types of camera. This makes development difficult to support all models , especially Android phones.

Again the iPhone application “KETTO” does NOT provide exact data. That tells you an indication of your blood color. Depends on how you take an image with this application software, result varies. Please do NOT trust it. If you feel bad, we recommend to go to your doctor.

We will continue to research this technology to provide more precise estimation.

Development Team.